Podcasts & Media

A collection podcasts that I have been on and helped host. Also, interviews and videos I have been part of.




Nic Jackson and I started a podcast called HashiCast - a podcast about the world of cloud infrastructure. Now, it is hosted by the amazing developer advocacy team at HashiCorp.

Anubhav Mishra and Nic Jackson on Platforms, Developer Workflows, and HashiCorp Waypoint

InfoQ Podcast

In this podcast, Anubhav Mishra and Nic Jackson from HashiCorp sat down with InfoQ podcast host Daniel Bryant. Topics discussed included: the benefits and challenges of creating application platforms in the cloud, the need for effective developer workflows, and the role of the new HashiCorp Waypoint tool and service meshes within workflows.

HashiCorp Terraform with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Cloud Show: Episode 249

In this 249th episode, AC is joined for an interview by Microsoft’s Ali Mazaheri & HashiCorp’s Mishra to talk about the new support for the HashiCorp’s Terraform Azure support with an Azure Provider. Terraform can be used to provision and manage your cloud infrastructure through schema giving you more control over your infrastructure investments.


In conversation with Adrian Colyer

HashiConf Digital 2021

Adrian Colyer is a Venture Partner with Accel in London, where it’s his job to help find and build great technology companies across Europe and Israel. Prior to joining Accel, he spent more than twenty years in technical roles, including CTO roles at Pivotal, VMware, and SpringSource. Nic Jackson and I sat down with Adrian for a fireside chat.

In conversation with Kelsey Hightower

HashiConf Digital 2020

Kelsey Hightower is (in no particular order) a father, an author, a minimalist, a Developer Advocate at Google, and a longtime friend of HashiCorp. Nic Jackson and I sat down with Kelsey for a conversation.