Writing about infrastructure and developer advocacy

These are some of my writings and blogs I have written over the years.

A new vision for HCP Waypoint

Going forward, HCP Waypoint is aimed at empowering platform teams to define golden patterns and workflows for developers to manage applications at scale.

Announcing CDK for Terraform 0.1

CDK for Terraform now supports Java and C# and has new collaboration features on Terraform Cloud.

Advanced Node Draining in HashiCorp Nomad

HashiCorp Nomad 0.8 introduces advanced node draining to simplify cluster wide upgrades of Nomad client nodes. This post explores how HashiCorp Nomad’s improved draining features can be used to drain an existing workload from one set of nodes to a new set of nodes without downtime.

Applying Policy as Code to Kubernetes Resources

This blog post explores using HashiCorp Sentinel in Terraform Enterprise to manage Kubernetes clusters and enforce Kubernetes service types and namespace naming conventions.

Smart Networking with Consul and Service Meshes

Over the past year, service mesh technologies have gained significant interest. Even though the idea of a service mesh isn’t new, the implementation details are new to some people. HashiCorp Consul is an open source tool that provides service discovery, health checking, load balancing, and a globally distributed key-value store. These features make Consul ideal as a control plane for a service mesh. This post discusses a few first principles around adopting service meshes and how Consul can be used as a control plane for projects like Istio, Linkerd, and Envoy.

I am joining HashiCorp

The post covers my thoughts about joining HashiCorp as a Developer Advocate.