Things I've worked on.

Here are a few projects that I have worked on. The projects are mostly related to the infrastructure space. Most of these are open source.

  • Atlantis

    Helps developers and operators collaborate on HashiCorp Terraform code using pull requests.

  • CDK for Terraform

    Cloud Development Kit for Terraform (CDKTF) allows you to use familiar programming languages to define and provision infrastructure.

  • Consul Global Scale Benckmark

    A benchmark running 10,000 nodes in AWS to test control plane scalability of HashiCorp Consul.

  • HashiCorp Nomad Provider for Virtual Kubelet

    HashiCorp Nomad provider for Virtual Kubelet connects your Kubernetes cluster with Nomad cluster by exposing the Nomad cluster as a node in Kubernetes.

  • HashiCorp Vault Provider for Secret Store CSI Driver

    HashiCorp Vault provider for the Secrets Store CSI driver allows you to get secrets stored in Vault and use the Secrets Store CSI driver interface to mount them into Kubernetes pods.

  • Hermes

    Hermes is a document management system designed to help HashiCorp employees author, review, approve, discover, and deprecate documents.